Massage Techniques

Our therapists are highly trained in a variety of massage techniques. We tailor our techniques to the needs of your body. If there is a particular style that you know has worked well in the past, or that you are very interested to try, please let us know and we are happy to accommodate! Below the techniques we use on a regular basis.

Therapeutic Massage – Myofascial Release – Manual Therapy

This is our specialty, and our most requested technique. Fascia is a connective tissue that wraps around everything in your body. Fascia is involved in pain, range of motion and posture. Myofascial Release addresses both the muscles and the fascia to give you the awesome relaxing effect that you would expect from a spa massage, while also restoring balance to your body. Our therapists work to release pain, restore range of motion and allow muscles to move the way they were intended. This allows your body to heal naturally and resets movement patterns so that your pain goes away for good!

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is a major part of our immune system and brings inflammation in and out of a healing body part. With chronic inflammation, or joints that just don’t seem to heal, lymphatic massage can be a game changer.
Lymphatic massage helps the lymph nodes work better, and reduces swelling. This can be extremely beneficial right after an accident or injury or with long-term joint swelling.

Want to learn more about lymphatic massage and if it’s right for you? Call the office today! (415) 424-0778

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage is a wonderful relaxation technique. Have you had a rough week at work? Do you feel like you carry your tension in your shoulders? Do you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks? Swedish massage can help! Call the office to book your appointment today!

Sports Massage

Not a fan of skin-to-skin contact? Or have a sports injury to address? Our massage therapists are fully trained in sports injury recovery and massage. This form of massage is done fully clothed, and typically has a specific focus. Ask the office if Sports Massage is right for you!


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